Glossary of Terms

An individual who initiates a claim (applies or has applied) for benefits from the Employment Insurance Program under the Employment Insurance Act.

Employment Insurance Act & Regulations
The Employment Insurance Act is the law that has been directly passed by Parliament and to which the Queen has assented (agreed to). The Regulations set out the way in which the Employment Insurance Act will be implemented and enforced.

Employment Insurance Commission
The Canada Employment Insurance(EI)Commission exercises the powers, duties and functions given to it in the Employment Insurance Act
and its Regulations, as authorized by section 24 of the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Act. The EI Commission delegates its authority for determining entitlement to, and payment of EI benefits, to EI Commission agents who work in Service Canada Centres.

Verbal, written or electronic information that establishes a fact. The information obtained is called evidence.

Without taking sides, in a neutral way.

Interested Parties
Any person may be added as a party to a proceeding if the person has a direct interest in the decision.

Extent of your powers; power to judge or to decide on certain specific questions.

The whole of the decisions of a tribunal and the principles or rules that emerge.

Notice of Decision
A formal letter sent to an EI applicant stating the EI Commission decision regarding their application for benefits.